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Mask (Lrg) - Blue, Green Plaid
Mask (Lrg) - Blue, Green Plaid
Mask (Lrg) - Blue, Green Plaid

Mask (Lrg) - Blue, Green Plaid

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Handmade. Small Batch. Adjustable. Comfortable. Filter Pocket. Each one-of a kind mask is made by Florida artist, Sonja Jeanette and feature adjustable elastic straps, 100% cotton lining and room for a filter.

My mask making efforts began during quarantine to provide local healthcare workers with needed supplies. It was a sanity saver. Giving is soul building.

The original design was created in the studio to provide for a face mask style that is comfortable, easy to wear and encourages everyone to help stop the spread of the virus.

Size: Men’s Large
Fabric width 8.5”
Fabric height 6”
Adjustable elastic strap
Pocket for filter

This mask is made using 100% cotton. All fabrics pre-shrunk in hot water. No fabric softeners or perfumes.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, measurements, and fabric pattern may differ slightly from description.

Care recommendations: wash in warm water and detergent. Allow mask to dry fully before wearing.